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5 of the best gaming monitors

There are a lot of aspects that are difficult to understand when it comes to choosing the best gaming monitor. When you see a GPU that can do 40 fps and one which gets 100 fps, you know the latter is better. For monitors, however, factors to consider include input delay, contrast ratio, resolution, pixel pitch, response time and refresh rate but they are not always understood. Monitors are also long term investment because they are seldom changed. Hence, choosing one to buy can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Affordable gaming monitor

Good gaming monitors abound and picking the best depends on your budget and preferences. Check five of the best gaming monitors on the market today as tested, reviewed and rated by technical experts and customers. You can pick from the list, which of the five is the most affordable gaming monitor for you.

  1. Acer R240HY ($129.99)

Acer R240HY is considered the best budget gaming monitor of 2016. It is part of the Acer R series with a full high density resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its LED backlight is an instant hit when it debuted on Sept. 2015. This 23.8-inch viewing size hardware with a beautiful IPS panel renders amazing colors and viewing angles.

The Acer R240HY has a stylish ZeroFrame design, meaning, a narrow bezel that is beautiful for less than $150. For console gaming, this is great for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As a 1080p hardware with a friendly price, you cannot go wrong with this affordable gaming monitor.

  1. AOC G2460PF ($210)

A budget 144Hz monitor also comes in the form of AOC G2460PF, a gaming monitor which surprised many in a positive way. It is considered as the best budget 144Hz monitor with its performance at an affordable price. It supports AMD FreeSync that ranges from 30 to 144Hz. This monitor is great for “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,” “League of Legends,” “DOTA 2” and “StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.”

  1. ASUS V248QE ($159.99)

For an entry-level gaming monitor that comes with a high refresh rate, ASUS V248QE is worth the buy. Its response time is 1ms and its maximum refresh rate is 144Hz. This monitor from ASUS reported only 12ms input lag. Hence, it gives you a competitive edge while playing first-person shooter games like “Call of Duty,” “Counter-Strike” or “Battlefield” since they require super quick response time and minimum input lag. The monitor comes with a support for Nvidia LightBoost which eliminates motion blur and gives CRT motion clarity usable up to 120Hz.

  1. BenQ XL2420G ($649.99)

Talk about great features for a gaming hardware and BenQ XL2420G is something not to be overlooked. It uses Nvidia’s G-Sync tech and has a 144Hz refresh rate plus speedy pixel response for an amazing gaming experience. Intended for competitive FPS games, it takes the thrills of fast-paced games to a 24-inch screen. Its latest Motion Blur Reduction tech, Gaming-comfort flicker-free, Display Pilot, Low Blue Light and Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management features deliver viewing comfort and agile performance for your entertainment and victory.

  1. HP Pavilion 22xw  $111.98)


The HP Pavilion 22xw is the white model while the HP Pavilion 22cwa is the black version. These 21.5-inch screen features an accurate and consistent IPS panel. Its monitor is stylish and has an ultra-narrow bezel plus full HD resolution or 1080p. With its friendly price, it is undeniably an affordable gaming monitor worth buying.

10 Of The Best PC Games Of 2016

This year has yet to end but there are already personal computer video games which are making a buzz for being mostentertaining and surprising. Those who love to turn their PCs into a video game machine may want to check out which games are most popular among gamers this year.The following list contains the best PC games of 2016 as rated by the editors and writers of leading online publications:

  1. Alien: Isolation ($49.99)

In the horror department, “Alien: Isolation” is one notable game inspired by Ridley Scott’s 1979 fantasy thriller, “Alien.” The game focuses on subterfuge and evasion, instead of gunning and running. It is dark, oppressive and smart in the right way where the gamer must explore the world of survival horror alone, with his wits and tools.


  1. Back to the Future: The Game ($19.99)

Not all popular movie-based video games are disappointing. One of them is adventure game, “Back to the Future: The Game.” This title from Telltale Games proves to be so engaging that it can become another tale from the classic franchise. 

  1. Baseball Stars 2 ($9.99)

PC games have a huge library and “Baseball Stars 2” stands out among the few ball games  and puts itself as one of the best PC games of 2016. It is an old-school fun with charm, incredible cut scenes and simple controls that highlight tense moments.

  1. Batman: Arkham City ($10.75)

Rocksteady Studios’ “Batman: Arkham City” inherits the thrill fighting and voice acting of “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” This “Arkham Asylum” derivative is likewise packed with goon-busting fun.

  1. Blade & Soul (Free)

“Blade & Soul” is making a name in the massively multiplayer online games category. This Korean role-playing game is inspired by Asian mythology and martial arts. It stands out with its combo-centric action, bombastic artwork, Asian fantasy locales and well-balanced fights. The game looks and runs well and it offers lots of stuff to enjoy, making it in the list of the best PC games of 2016.

  1. Bejeweled 3 ($4.99)

“Bejeweled 3” is an impressive puzzle game with fresh enhancements and features. Gem-swapping comes with objective-oriented modes, such as shattering ice, saving butterflies, hiding a poker hand or digging for gold.

  1. Dark Souls II ($39.99)

In the rouge-like games department, “Dark Souls II” is a title that does not deserve an oversight. It lets the gamer focus on the gloomy, rich and fantastic world of action-RPG with such an unforgiving gameplay. It is flooded with demonic foes that will test every gamer’s reflexes and patience.

  1. F1 2016 ($59.99)

Codemasters’ “F1 2016” comes with better artificial intelligence and physics. The flaws of its predecessors gave the title initial skepticism but has overcome it with its authentic recreation of Formula One.

  1. Forza Horizon 3 (52.99)

“Forza Horizons 3” is among the best PC games of 2016 when it comes to racing, with a big Australian playground and more than 350 gorgeous cars. Published by Microsoft Studios, the game is only available on Windows Store.

  1. Overwatch ($40)

Popular among many gamers, “Overwatch” is a competitive multiplayer shooter that features characters with personality, such as Swiss medic angel Mercy, Swedish dwarf mechanic Torbjorn and French sniper Widowmaker. This game is loved by many as among the best PC games of 2016 that any gamer would likely see other gamers playing it every night.